Editing your WinnowPro post is easy through Facebook Messenger! Please note that once your post is published, you cannot make changes to the post. 

How to edit your unpublished post on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Once you receive the notification on Facebook Messenger that your post is ready and scheduled, you can:
    • Click Preview Post to review the post.
    • Click Edit Post to make changes to the post. 
      • You can change the text, hashtags, URL, images, publication date and time. 
      • If you need any changes made to the text embedded in the visual content, click Hold Post and submit your changes via Facebook Messenger so the WinnowPro Creatives Team can implement your changes.
  2. Once you click Edit Post, you can make changes to the text, hashtags, and URL. Then click Next
  3. On the next screen, you can replace the current image using your own image, a stock image, or images stored in the Media Library. Then click Next.
    • Note: If there is text embedded in the creative, you will lose both the image and the text when changing the image because the text is part of the creative.
  4. On the final editing screen, you can edit the post's publishing date and/or time. 
  5. Click Preview to preview your changes.
  6. Click Schedule to Facebook when you are satisfied with your changes. 

Note: Please remember that any scheduled posts will be published according to its scheduled date and time unless you 'Hold' the post via email, WinnowPro Dashboard or Facebook Messenger. If you take no action, the post will deploy at its scheduled date and time. Thanks!"