What is WinnowPro?

  • WinnowPro is an online service for small businesses to manage their social media presence and fulfill their digital advertising needs. 

  • WinnowPro is a cross between an advertising agency and an automated service. 

What does Winnow do?

  • WinnowPro analyzes your business’ online health and customizes a digital marketing strategy that will help boost your sales as a result of growing your online presence.

  • WinnowPro utilizes the marketing strategy to create and promote engaging posts and ad campaigns for your business.

  • WinnowPro generates ongoing reports that compare your digital presence from before and after you started using Winnow. 

  • WinnowPro shows you what to post, when to post, and where to post with the help of an experienced Creatives team and a client support center that make this process easy for you.

What are WinnowPro's Benefits?

  • WinnowPro’s services eliminate the need for you to learn and spend time managing online advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. 

  • WinnowPro’s automated services also provide a low-cost option of hiring an in-house marketing person or agency. 

  • WinnowPro’s intuitive dashboard allows small businesses to manage all of their social media and digital ads from one simple interface. 

  • WinnowPro is a one-stop-shop for online marketing strategy, creatives, optimizations, and execution. 

  • WinnowPro offers insights into advertising best practices and which marketing strategies work for your competitors.